Leadership Coaching

Imagine if you could…

Feel and embody your enoughness and worth
Have clarity on your purpose and values to help guide your life
Learn how to connect to your body and intuition regularly
Begin to discern messages of oppression from the truth about who you are

I coach
those who seek to amplify their power, voice, and choice towards greater love and truth.

I bring
an intuitive, compassionate, and fierce stance that uses the wisdom of mind, body, and spirit to guide the coaching relationship.

I focus
on the long-term transformation of my clients, while also addressing immediate needs and areas of growth.

Why invest in a coach?

Coaching is a relationship-based approach to personal growth and transformation. I bring deep listening, presence and embodied practices to help you access knowledge and wisdom that will bring clarity and insight to your questions, dilemmas, and pain points. Together with curiosity, openness, and tenderness we explore new depths and move towards change and new commitments.

I bring a liberatory approach to my clients; bringing curiosity about how systemic oppression has shaped your inner landscape and your responses to those around you and, the infinite choices and possibilities that open up when you are able to witness and embrace your full dignity and wholeness.

Let’s schedule a time to have a conversation about your goals.

“In truth, we have to integrate our wounds into our understanding of who we are and what we are really capable of so that we can be whole human beings. Only from there can we begin the process of healing and brokenness, the broken-heartedness within ourselves that is then the foundation for beginning to heal that in our larger society.” 

– Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams